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2014 2015 2016 addiction additiction afterlife aftermath agir alcohol alcoholism alone amputation anger angrboda angst animal animals anxiety apocalype apocalypse arachnid askeladden astronaut at the mountains of madness baphomet bat battle battlefield beast beheading belly of the whale bird birds bite blood blood moon both ways bottle brain breaking down burning burning witch call of cthulhu caretaker castle cat cats cavemen cernunnos chains challenge chicken city city beneath the sea clock clouds coffee creepy crow cthulhu cthulhu mythos cute cycle dagon danse macabre darkness death death comes to all death penalty decapitation deep deep ones deer defeat defense demon devil dinner dinosaur doom double dragon draug draugen draught dream dreams dreams in the witch house duality enkidu enkidus death epic of gilgamesh epic of gilgameshs evolution execution exhausted eye eye for mimir eyes face faces falling down fantasy fear fenrir fenriz fight fisher fishing flee floating flowing followed four eyes four horsemen full moon fungi from yuggoth geometry ghosts giant gift giganotosaurs giganotosaurus gilgamesh goat goat skull god god of thunder gods graveyard greek mythology grim reaper grin hand heads hell herbert west reanimator hero hidden hills historically accurate homer horror horse horseman hugin hugin munin humbaba humour hunt hunted illiad in the dead of winter night inktober inktober 2014 inktober 2015 inktober 2016 inktober 2017 inktober 2018 jormungandr jotun judas fucking priest judge justice knight ktulu labyrinth lady leaves life lifecycle light little people livind dead lizard loki lost souls love lovecraft lovecraftian lycanthrope magic man mastermind mental mermaid mesopotamia midgardsworm mimir mire modern monster monster of rock moon mother mountains of madness mountaintop mourning munin mushroom mythology naked nature neanderthal net nidhogg night nightgaunts nightmare noekken norse norse mythology nosferatu oak pantheon odin only death is real otherwordly owl paranoia pestilence pinoccio plague poison poverty. predator pressure prey queen queen of the night r'lyeh ragnarok ragnrok ran rats raven ravens resurrected rising rising from the dead rising from the grave runaway runes sailboat satan scarecrow scorched scream scythe sea second sight serenity serpent shadow ship shoggoth shubniggurath sigyn slavery slice smile snake snow sorceress soul souls space spell spider stars storm strange high house in the mist strong sulphur sumeria sumerian mythology sun svartalfr swamp tear teeth the colour out of space the devil the whisperer in the darkness thor threeheaded thunder tor tower tracks tranquil tree troja trojan horse troll trolls ugly undead undersea underwater upside down uruk vampire vreid vulture war warning warrior wasp weak web weird weird fiction weird tales welcome farewell werewolf whale winter witch withering wolf woods world tree worm wotan yggdrasil zombie zombie apocalypse zombies
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